PCR Digital - Our Story by Jane Abbott

The story behind how PCR Digital was founded, and how Jane Abbott came to be PCR’s Managing Director.

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PCR Recruitment was originally set up by my brother, Mark Abbott, as a technical arm of Specialist Recruitment Group (SRG), an East Anglian-based business with 7 offices set up by my mum, Maxine Abbott. In 2001, we left the group to be a stand-alone business trading as PCR Recruitment Limited.   

The business was based in Cambridge and Max and Mark were both very much part of the business until 2014.  On my part, I had worked for SRG prior to joining PCR in 2000.  I worked in the accounts office paying contractors and doing credit control, so I have been part of this company’s story since 1992. 

Originally, most of our clients were based with us in Cambridge, but after working with Disney for a few years we could see that the entertainment space was going to be changing dramatically with the shift from analogue to digital. We started to target companies like the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV, and worked closely with the BBC to supply developers for the first iPlayer (2007/8). Based on finding these people, we then went on to work with Channel 4 to help them build 4oD. These companies needed project and programme managers, business analysts and a great network of candidates who understand media players, entertainment and broadcast. We are still growing these networks and connections today. 

Due to demand, we also started to work with digital agencies (or advertising agencies as they once were) and these companies started to build websites and provide digital advertising for their clients.  We changed our name in 2013 to PCR Digital as we felt we were known for our technical recruitment but not our digital.   

I took over the business in 2017. It was a tough time, the market had dipped, we had lost staff and I had to decide how best to steer the company out of this. I got rid of our expensive offices in Piccadilly, looked at how we could save costs and then started again.  

Since then, we have grown year on year in terms of profits and last year (2022) was our best year ever! 

My personal mission as Managing Director at PCR Digital is to help everyone in my team grow, be their best selves and to enjoy the success that I have been so lucky to experience.  

Ultimately, the ethos of the company is to be ethical, helpful, caring and supportive. This has been my goal since taking over the company, and it brings me joy to see that within our team and the people that we work with. 

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