Our Partners

PCR Digital has a variety of partners that we work with and recommend within our spaces. The organisations that we pair with range from coding bootcamps, support for women in tech, digital accessibility development platforms and more. Contact us to learn more about our partnerships.

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  • Le Wagon: Coding Bootcamp

    Le Wagon’s Coding Bootcamp offers courses in web development and data to transform careers and provide access to new opportunities.

    le wagon coding bootcamp logo
  • Abra: Making apps accessible


    Abra.nl helps developers to improve the accessibility of apps. They also provide advice, research, and training around digital accessibility.

    Abra logo
  • The Appt Foundation: A guide for making apps accessible

    The Appt Foundation

    Appt.org empowers developers and organizations to build accessible apps for everyone. The foundation offers insights, code documentation and guidelines for accessibility features on mobile phones.

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  • Showcode: Athena Hackathon

    Showcode Athena

    Athena is a tech community for women and non-binary people and is Europe’s largest all-women/non-binary hackathon.

    Showcode Logo - Women in Tech UK
  • WeConnect International

    We Connect International

    WeConnect International is a global network that connects women-owned businesses with each other and to buyers around the world. We are certified as women-owned by WeConnect.

    WeConnect International Logo - Women in Tech UK
  • Accessibility Scotland

    Accessibility Scotland

    Accessibility Scotland is a not-for-profit annual event focused on digital accessibility and inclusion. PCR Digital are proud to be sponsors of this event.

    Accessibility Scotland Logo
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