Our journey so far to becoming a B Corp recruitment agency

Embarking on a Journey Towards B-Corp Certification: Insights from Lizzie Wain – our very own B Corp champion!

An image showing the B Corp logo and each of the 5 focus area (Workers, Environment, Governance, Customers, Community)

Our journey so far to becoming a B Corp recruitment agency

In a world where ethical practices and social responsibility are gaining prominence, businesses are embracing new ways to make a positive impact on society and the environment. PCR Digital has embarked on an inspiring journey to become B-Corp certified – a prestigious badge of honor that showcases our dedication to using business as a force for good.

Lizzie has been supporting us in our B-Corp mission and has given a few insights into our journey so far!

“Since joining PCR 2 years ago, it was easy to see that the company was ethical and had good values at its heart from observing the day-to-day practices of our director, Jane Abbott. I’ve been a passenger on their recent journey to become B-Corp certified, a badge of honour to show that they put their sentiment into action. I’ve heard lots about the B-Corp movement before, but never delved deeper than its tag line ‘Let’s use business as a force for good’. So here I am, deep in the middle of a B-Impact assessment, and thought I’d share our process so far.

Our Operations Manager, Laurie Jones, has been ticking off the boxes from the Active Assessment questionnaire, a 94-question long probe into our business practices. This gives us an initial idea to where we lie on the curve to meet the high standards of a B-Corp. We performed well on the first go, needing only a further 10 points to submit our application. We currently do brilliantly in areas like Ethics & Transparency, Financial Security & Health, Wellness & Safety, but there is always room to do better. That’s where we are now, going through the areas we can improve upon, ensuring our documentation is available and up to date, and building new processes and protocols to adapt.

The next step is to submit our application to B Lab UK and wait and see. It’s an exciting and rewarding process, and in my opinion is the future of business. Are you familiar with the B-Corp movement, or is your company already registered? We’d love to hear from you if so!”