Women In Tech Podcast

Listen to our new Women In Tech Stories podcast, showcasing the inspirational stories of every-day women who have built successful careers in the technology sector.

Hosted by Jane Abbott: a champion of diversity and inclusion.

A podcast about women working in the technology sector.

We're proud to be supporting women in tech

Supporting and celebrating the successes of women is a true passion for Jane who has been at the helm of a successful boutique technology recruitment consultancy, and has first hand experience of what it’s like to be a woman working in the technology sector.

Our first podcast episode

We taken inspiration from our very first podcast guest Lizzie James who believes we should: ‘Just go for it!’

From dreams of becoming a basketball trainer, Lizzie takes us on her career journey and shares her candid story about how she found her way into the world of IT contacting. With her motto: ‘Just go for it’ she bravely jumped into her very first contract role with only 7 months of experience and has spent a successful 10 years in testing, now working as a Test Lead.

You can listen to the podcast with Lizzie here.

We hope you enjoy our very first podcast. Stay tuned for more inspirational stories of women in tech.

We’d love to hear from you

If you’re a woman in tech or you’re also passionate about supporting women in tech please get in contact with Jane for a chat, or if you’d like to be a guest on one of her podcasts!