Included Payroll Support

If you are worried about handling invoices or payroll, we are here to help. Whether you are one of our candidates or clients, we offer payroll support to help you with the placement journey and beyond.

Hands pointing at invoice - recruitment payroll support

Our Admin Support Features

The key features of our admin and payroll support services.

  • Real Human Beings

    We have real human beings running payroll, available directly over email or phone. There are no automated email responses or long periods on hold.

  • Hands On

    We know every payroll that we run inside out so we can pre-empt things before they become a problem and we can deal with issues as soon as they arise.

  • Strong Relationships

    We have strong relationships with the umbrella companies on our PSL, including direct access to managers who can assist with any payment issues.

Candidate Payroll Services

  • Self-billing service: We offer a self-billing service to umbrellas and contractors meaning that we can raise a self-bill invoice on behalf of the contractor. This ensures fast and accurate payment and saves our contractors the time and effort of having to raise their own invoices.
  • We’re adaptable: We run 2 payrolls a week and we can make advanced payments including same-day and next-day payments in urgent situations.
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Client Payroll Services

  • In-house payroll: We have our own payroll and timesheet system which is simple and easy to use. Alternatively, we are happy to use a client’s payroll system.
  • Flexible Invoicing: We offer weekly or monthly invoicing, but we can also invoice according to our client’s preferred schedules. We can also easily adapt to preferred invoicing processes.

I have contracted through PCR Digital for 3 years. I have always been paid on time and the accounts department has always been very responsive in any dealings I’ve had with them. I hope to work through them again soon.

Tracey McMinnies - Business Analyst

Need help paying someone?

If you are a company that requires assistance payrolling your contractors, we are also able to payroll your contractors for you for a small fee as part of our payroll service. Just get in touch for more details.