Meet the Team


Peter Billings

My role at PCR Digital:

I search for the best talent available on the market. My skill searching is tailored to the needs of our clients, focusing on skillset just as much as personality fit.

I work within and beyond our extensive talent pool to help my clients find ideal candidates, and my candidates find roles that are a perfect fit.

My areas of specialism:

I have a varied technical background, having proudly worked my way through the technical career ladder from helpdesk to management. Because of this, I can relate first-hand to the career and job-seeking process and have had a personal understanding as a hiring manager of what teams require to flourish.

Why PCR Digital?:

I have previously worked with recruitment agencies as a hiring manager, but I had never worked within a personal or tailored agency. Now that I am part of the PCR team, I have seen what tech recruitment should be: people-focused. It’s that simple.

PCR care about the people within our networks, whether they are candidates or clients, because ultimately we are here to provide a service to our hiring managers and our applicants. That’s what set them apart for me when I applied in 2021, and what continues to set them apart the longer that I work here.