Meet the Team


Emily Whitworth

Social Media Coordinator

My role at PCR Digital

I produce all of PCR Digital’s online content! I create blog posts, infographics, videos, banners, posts and more as well as developing and maintaining online connections with past and present clients and contractors.

Essentially, I keep PCR Digital in touch with other people in the tech world, I find out what our connections want to know from us and I make sure that the relationships that we build are there to last.


Why PCR Digital? 

I am at PCR on a placement year from the University of Surrey, and honestly… they looked like a nice company! I applied and got an instant reply from Laurie, followed by a series of virtual interviews. One of the main reasons that I accepted the job was that, throughout the process, everyone on the team had been genuinely lovely people. I just couldn’t say no! 

Since being here I have come to be a part of that team, and I can honestly say that I wasn’t wrong about them in the slightest. They’re amazing!

I have also come to realise the power of PCR Digital’s mission: to make recruitment about people, conversation and transparency. Today, far too many companies see their employees as numbers, their coworkers as obstacles, and place over-importance on targets, statistics and written achievements. PCR takes care in treating people as people, and prides itself on being trustworthy.

That’s why I chose them. 


“...I worked with Emily on a social media project from December 2019 - May 2020. Emily has spent a great deal of time on the project and worked effectively in the team. She has taken leadership on many tasks such as creating social media posts, market research, creating the survey [...] She has also shown great teamwork skills through excellent communication skills and flexibility within tasks…" - Jaswinder Mudhar, Learning Development Administrator at the University of Surrey.