SaaScada Alt text:  Testimonial: SAASCADA | SOURCING SOFTWARE-ENGINEERS FOR AN UPSCALING FINTECH STARTUP| on-demand resourcing  Andy needed us in order to grow and confirm a delivery date to his clients.  QUOTE: “We needed to build a tech team almost from scratch to deliver the banking platform.  It was very difficult to find the right people [...] and we were having to do everything ourselves.   This was [...] slowing down the dev process significantly and putting strain on the business." - Andy Davies, Director of Software Engineering.  On-demand resourcing |what the process was like:  Thanks to on-demand resourcing's flexible payment scheme, SaaScada paid for perm hires over 12 monthly instalments rather than a large fee upfront. We also often worked with them on-site to get to know the team.  QUOTE: "We really like the model as it’s unique in the industry and helps with cashflow, especially for start-ups like ourselves. Plus, it was nice to have a dedicated consultant working with us and keeping the conversation open." - Andy Davies, Director of Software Engineering  the figures:  OUR PERM PLACEMENT STILL THERE 21+ months later  We screened 200 applicants for this role.


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