On Demand Resourcing

What is On Demand Resourcing?

It’s our new service that we think meets today's recruitment needs. We’ve realised from working with CTOs and hiring managers, who are trying to grow their technical teams, that they often end up doing a lot of the leg work and are not getting the calibre of candidates that they need. We’re trying to create a better way of working which means really embedding ourselves within the company and its culture and by working closely with the CTOs or hiring managers, we can free up the time they usually spend on recruitment and be trusted to find the right contract or permanent candidates for them to interview.

This service works particularly well for smaller companies who don’t have an internal resourcing team. By offering our On Demand Service, we can be there when they need us without the ongoing costs of an internal recruiter. We're also helping larger businesses, who might have resourcing teams internally but those teams don't have the bandwidth or networks to source all the right people for the technology teams.


Why is it different from other recruitment services?

Firstly, having spoken to numerous CTOs, we couldn’t understand why they have to do so much work in sifting and going through huge numbers of CVs to find the relevant candidates for their needs, despite paying a recruitment agency to do this! We deliver a handful of the best CVs for our managers to interview immediately. No more sorting through piles of CVs.

The other problem is that it can be quite daunting to pay a large recruitment fee for a candidate that you’ve probably only met for 2-3 hours during the interview process. We’ve created a payment structure that allows our clients to pay us in instalments.  This spreads the cost and helps with cash-flow - which can be really important for growing businesses.

Finally, we wanted to share the risk of a hire going wrong.  No-one ever wants a new hire to fall through but occasionally, for all sorts of reasons, it can happen. Our payment structure means our clients will stop paying instalments immediately if the candidate leaves (for whatever reason), ensuring they have budget remaining for the next hire.

Why does the technology industry need this?

Technology, and how businesses harness technology, is going to be the future of this country, so CTOs should be able to focus on developing their products and teams.  What we're seeing is CTOs working with agencies and having to pay hefty fees but still having to do so much of the recruitment work themselves.  We think the whole process is broken - the hiring manager is getting too many irrelevant CVs, which are just noise taking up valuable time. Candidates are going through the worst experiences, often taking time to do tests, review jobs and companies and sometimes getting no feedback at all!  Our On Demand Service is our way of helping CTOs to hire the best people for their team and take away a lot of the hassle of recruitment. We're also ensuring that candidates who come into contact with your company get the best possible experience, from their first application (and whether they are right or not for the roles), they will all be treated with respect throughout the recruitment process.

How does it work?

In whatever way works best for you. All we ask is that you only work with us on the agreed assigned roles. From there, you can decide if you want us to work on site with you or remotely, the extent of the services you require from sitting in on interviews to managing offers and on-boarding. All this is discussed up front so that the service is tailor-made to suit you and your business needs best.

How much does it cost?

We have set fees based on salary bands so that there are no surprises when it comes to negotiating salary offers. We’ve done this because we know that sometimes it can feel like your recruitment partner is working against you trying to get the candidate the highest possible salary, in order to charge more. With fixed banding rates you’ll always know what you’re going to be paying. 

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Compared to many other agencies, PCR don’t like to push square pegs into round holes, they spend the time getting the right match.

- Theo Peters, Broadcast Architect

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