Senior Software Engineer - ASP.Net / MVC / Retail

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    Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire

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    Up to £65000.00 per annum

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    Joe James

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    almost 2 years ago

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Senior Software Engineer - (dot)Net - Permanent - Leavesden - £65k per annum

Do you care deeply about your work? Do you have a passion for retail and eCommerce? And have you always wanted to build something big, from the ground up, and to really put your mark on something? Then this will be something for you!

Started in 2015 by a group of people who strongly believe that the online retail industry for baby and kids clothing, equipment, toys, and accessories really isn't doing a very good job. There's a myriad of products out there - many of which aren't any good - and the quest to find products that are good looking, of a high quality, ?and? which are genuinely useful can be labyrinthine. The big players have suffered in the past couple of years by being high-street first and online second. We are now showing them how it's done.

We have built our own eCommerce platform from the ground up so that we have full control over all the features we need in order to deliver the very best customer experience possible. This isn't just a shop with customers; it's a shop that serves and rewards a community. All our products are tested by kids and their parents before they go on our site. If they don't love it, we don't sell it. Our Parents test products, share what they love and inspire what we sell. We have online customer support 365 days a year (even Christmas!) because we believe in always being helpful, no matter what. This, combined with curated collections of the very best kit available for babies and children, has put us on the path to providing a better customer experience than any other retailer in the industry.

About the role

Building an eCommerce platform is no small undertaking. It involves tooling for product information management, basket and order management, order processing, fraud screening, payment processing, customer returns, various integration and database work. Oh, and let's not forget our customer facing website! The tasks are really varied, hugely exciting, and come with lots of great challenges.

We have a fully functioning eCommerce platform, and it works very well for us. However, there's still a lot of interesting work ahead of us. One of the areas in which we are a bit lacking at the moment is ?content management?. We also want to do a lot of work around customer accounts; making it possible for our customers to manage, track, modify (and, godforbid!, cancel) their orders without having to contact us. Then there's more work around improving our already great rewards and promotions, personalising the shopping experience for our customers. These are but a few of the highlights in our rather long list of ambitions. The common thread in everything we do is that it serves a ?better customer experience?.

This is where ?you ?come in.

You will be heavily involved in the customer-facing site; prototyping, design, scoping, and planning of features. Customer is ?king?at KIDLY, and you'll be key to delivering the very best we can to them. You can expect this role to be a well-rounded and all-immersive engineering opportunity where collaboration really is at the key of everything you'll be working on. You will work closely with our CTO, and our lead software engineer, to shape the database and view models and ensure that the front and back-end implementations are executed harmoniously.

You'll also spend lots of time with our lead front engineer, and our founder and visionary (he has loads of input on the user journey and experience), working out how to shape and build the next and best features for our customers. We aim to provide the best shopping experience for the parents of babies and young children in the UK - no small undertaking!

Does this sound pretty full on? It ?is! ?All of it is important, all of it matters, and all of it is exciting stuff in its own right. This is one unique software engineering opportunity and here's your chance to be at the heart of it.

A little bit about you

We don't know you, yet, so we can really only talk about the things that we think are really important in order for you to succeed and have fun in this role.

First of all you will need to be confident about who you are and your abilities as a developer. You should have spent enough time developing software to feel you know good practice from bad, and you've started learning from other people's mistakes as well as your own.

You love UI and web development. I mean, that's why you're doing this job - not just because you're good at it. You understand that a good solution is not always an obvious solution. You favour simplicity whenever possible, but you are very weary of heading into the territory of ?too simple?.

You can talk to people. You don't need a business analyst to interpret what "the business" wants. In fact, you'd rather talk to people yourself to get to the root of things so that you can give them what they really need.

You're perhaps not particularly fond of documentation, but you value clarity and know that sometimes a good spec has its place. You like moving fast, but you know that processes have their place, too, and you don't mind helping out with specifying and documenting a feature whenever necessary. You love learning. You try out new things, push your boundaries, widen your horizons, whatever cliche fits! You know what your strengths are, and you are mature enough to admit to your weaknesses.

And last (but not least, as the saying goes!) you're not after a routine nine-to-five job. You're looking for something that has more meaning than that, and you're looking to be part of something where the role you play is not that of a small cog in a big machine, but rather that of someone whose passion and daily contribution actually matters and makes a tangible difference.

Oh yeah, a bit about tech

We've already alluded to our tech stack, but here is some more detailed insight.

Everything is built on .NET and hosted in Azure. The website front-end is built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (jQuery and some bootstrap too for internal apps)

The server-side framework is an ASP.NET MVC5 application running on ASP 4.7. We use Raven, Azure Table storage, Azure blob storage, and SQL Azure. Our apps communicate via queues and subscriptions. We use Visual Studio for development, but the way we're set up plays nicely with your editor of choice. We test using NUnit and our own little framework called MicroSpec.

We think Domain-driven Design is awesome and it inspires and informs all architectural and code design decisions.

We try to stay clear of large JS frameworks like angular and Knockout because, in our experience, they often just swap one set of complexities for another without adding anything other than bling. Don't get us wrong, we like bling, too, and we're not saying we don't think they have a place - we just don't have a need for them yet.

We use Google Apps for everything that concerns day-to-day working. Oh, and we use Zeplin for collaboration between the developers and the designer.

Did we mention Trello? We love Trello. And we loooove Slack. We've got big plans for Slack and the SlackBot. Can you imagine doing a release simply by talking to SlackBot? We can!

All our code lives in Git. We build and deploy using AppVeyor. Everything runs in Azure with App Insights providing extra monitoring. We do not use Active Directory and probably never will.

There's a great atmosphere in our office, but we embrace remote and flexible working too. We want to improve the way that people work.

That about sums it up. There's a lot of tech in place already - and much more to come. You'll have a big say in all of this. We're pretty .NET centric at the moment, and for good reasons, but we will use the tech that's right for us. Have you got a good case for Node or maybe Django? We're all ears.