Meet the Team


Marcus Lawton

Recruitment Consultant

My Role at PCR Digital:

My role at PCR Digital involves consulting with tech contractors and finding the best candidates for our clients. At first, I was just a resourcer but I have now built my own niche within Node.JS as my main focus. As I have been working with JavaScript for a few years now, I believe that I have a good understanding of the market and which candidates are best suited to which jobs. 

My areas of specialism:

My JavaScript specialism includes various frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue as I’m connected to thousands of candidates in this area, as well as having placed people in these roles before. My focus on Node.JS also hasn’t made me lose touch with the Frontend or Fullstack, it just helps me to hone-in my vertical! I also have strong experience sourcing DevOps Engineers, CTO’s, Engineering and Project Managers, as well as various other technologies. 

I genuinely believe that recruitment skills are fully transferable, and I have proven that I can deliver in any tech industry that I am faced with. 

Why PCR Digital?

At PCR Digital, we are different, we are specialised, and we take the time. We don’t throw mud at a wall and hope it sticks, we take the time to understand both sides and make sure that the bolts fit in the holes. 

“Marcus was very great to work with, he was very attentive and helpful throughout the recruitment process. He was really communicative throughout the whole process, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic recruiter” – Tim Ashton, Infrastructure Engineer.