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TESTIMONIAL FROM: THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY | SUSTAINED CONTRACT HIRES IN BROADCAST, MEDIA AND TECH | Contractor Solutions  We have been working with The Walt Disney Company on contract hires since Dec. 2000  QUOTE: "Very professional and always there when needed. I enjoy the relationship that we developed throughout the last 5-6 years. I appreciate the support that [PCR] has provided to our team." - D.O., Tecnical Relationship Manager at The Walt Disney Company  CONTRACTOR SOLUTIONS: what the process was like  Throughout our relationship, we have built up trust with Disney.   Through us, they have constant access to a network of highly-skilled, pre-screened professionals within the industry.  QUOTE: "I have recently onboarded 2 key team members through [PCR]. The skillset and suitability is just as required and the recruiting process seamless. [PCR] is certainly my go-to recruitment source." - A.W., Studio Ops Programme Manager at The Walt Disney Company  The figures:   REVIEWED more than 4057 CVs SUBMITTED more than 1955 CVs ARRANGED more than 1140 INTERVIEWS MADE more than 680 PLACEMENTS



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