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Testimonial: GLOBAL CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY  ACCESSIBILITY DEVELOPERS IN A GLOBAL CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY  | Contractor Solutions  Hiring niche accessibility developers for a global client, where other agencies had failed  Our client is a high-street brand that specialises in technology, consumer electronics, phones and software.  The hiring manager we support heads up a team that’s responsible for providing accessibility consultancy services to development teams across the business.  Contractor Solutions | what the process was like:  As part of Contractor Solutions, we worked closely with the hiring manager and the team, in order to understand precisely what skills were needed and why.  the facts:  There were no obvious networking groups for us to join where people had such niche skills, so we set up our own, the London Accessibility Meetup Group.   Since 2013 we have placed 15+ accessibility engineers.  We also found talent in Java, Javascript, Grails, PHP, iOS, iOS Engineers.  *for privacy reasons this client has chosen to remain anonymous


Due to the nature of the teams they’re dealing with, the candidates we put forward had to be strong engineers in their own right, but also be able to guide people through projects, rather than being hands-on. They had to have strong knowledge and experience around accessibility.

Jane Abbott - Managing Director, PCR Digital

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