KIDLY (eCommerce Start-up)

CASE STUDY/ TESTIMONIAL FOR KIDLY:  Placing culture-fit talent in a growing e-commerce startup | On-Demand Resourcing:  Oyvind needed Software Engineers to grow his e-Commerce platform.  Testimonial: "Due to the COVID pandemic sending most people home and driving them to shop online KIDLY has seen big and unexpected growth.  The challenge was to find people who would be the right fit in terms of personality and attitude as well as technical ability." - Øyvind, CTO at KIDLY  What the on-demand resourcing process was like:  As KIDLY does not have an internal hiring team, Joe acted in its stead. This included working through the job spec,  advertising, searching, pre-screening, pre-interviewing and creating collateral for candidates.  Testimonial: "Joe invested time in understanding how we work. [...] The person matters more to me than their skills [and Joe] really took this on-board to find candidates who were much more than just good at coding." - Øyvind, CTO at KIDLY  The figures: 100% fill rate, 84% sendout to interview conversion.



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