Testimonial - IRIS  iRiS | PLACING 7 NEW HIRES IN A LEADING APP, SOFTWARE AND TECH PROVIDER | on-demand resourcing  iRiS had received funding to grow their tech team and needed 7 specialist hires  TESTIMONIAL: "Working with PCR digital on our growth recruitment needs at iRiS was a refreshing experience. The team went above and beyond to develop a deep awareness of our culture, our growth requirements and our industry sector." - iRiS  Roles involved: .Net Developers | Business Analyst | Technical Writer | IOS Developer | Development Manager  On-demand resourcing |what the process was like:  We spent time with the key stakeholders and got under the skin of the business, down to challenges and why existing employees were working there. We became part of the iRiS team.  TESTIMONIAL: "Extra time spent understanding our team allowed PCR to act more [as an] internal HR business partner than as an external recruitment agency, delivering strong alignment of candidates, a smooth interview/offer/feedback process and a professional, tailored onboarding experience." - IRIS  the figures:  6/7 roles filled within 7 weeks  100% fill rate



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