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Retained Search testimonial for International Martech Company:  EXCLUSIVE MANAGEMENT HIRE IN AN INTERNATIONAL MARTECH COMPANY  | retained search:  Hiring a right-hand person to assist communication and managing of tech team changes.  Because of the exclusive Retained Search model used, all team hiring managers were engaged in working with us from the offset. This meant that the HR Director could ensure that managers involved took the time needed for interviews and feedback.  What the Retained Search process was like:  As our retained search is a more cost effective headhunting service, we were ideal for this hiring manager's transforming company.  By retaining us, the Hiring Manager had us available at all times as dedicated, exclusive staff for an agreed period. We were therefore able to understand all requirements and challenges, and find candidates that met this Manager's needs.  The figures:  Typically on a £100K role, you would pay a head hunter around £8K for starting the search, £8K for delivery of CVs and £8K when the role was filled.  our client RETAINED OUR SERVICE FOR £3K. Our retained search means this fee is refunded against our final placement fee.


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