Recruitment is broken - "We're different".

Recruitment is broken - "We're different".

21 Aug 14:00 by Joe James


We all work differently. There are almost 8 billion extraordinary, unique and individual people on the planet right now and it would be outrageous to expect anything other than that - BUT that’s the biggest/most common selling point when it comes to us recruiters. We ALL at some point in our sales focussed roles have said - This is different! Well.. is that REALLY a selling point? Shouldn’t it be, I’m doing recruitment CORRECTLY, or, I’m recruiting the RIGHT way?

There is and always will be a stigma around recruitment, there’s no denying that. There is so much competition in the market that it has turned into a dog eat dog world. I’m all for a bit of healthy competition however, when a hiring manager gets wind of that atmosphere or is pulled into an affray between two competing agencies, that is to everyone’s detriment.

I don’t claim to ‘know it all’ I just know how to be personable, work the right way, find and build lasting relationships with contractors and permanent technical staff as well as hiring managers. We are in the business of people, so why do we make it seem so much more product driven? A person has a life outside of work, coding, job hunting, which is often forgotten or disregarded in this competitive world as we all want that person to sign a contract through us... That’s the end game, right?

I believe and have found in my experience that if you have done things the right way and put someone’s personal interests, needs and desires first in a placement, that opens the door to countless opportunities thereafter and there is no need to ‘re-work’ a role or spend twice the amount of time to fill it...

Throwing 5-10 ‘maybe right’ CVs at hiring managers is sloppy work and pisses everyone off... it’s ultimately time wasting for you, them and the candidates that think they’re in with a chance for an exciting new role. This slows down feedback for everyone, potentially means that accurately matched people don’t get a look-in (as they’re buried under other CVs), damages relationships with hiring managers and candidates and just shouldn’t happen. Surely this can’t be the norm but, from what we’re hearing at PCR from hiring managers, this is what they have come to expect!! 

As a recruitment consultant, my job description is quite clear and self-explanatory, but let me dial it down as perhaps there is some misunderstanding in the industry; I am responsible for matching candidates with temporary or permanent positions with my clients. I aim to build positive relationships with hiring managers and business leaders in order to gain a full understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements. I provide market knowledge on recruitment in their areas and work to create a budget that works all-round.

Perhaps we don’t spend as much time on our recruitment process when hiring resourcers, other recruitment consultants etc. It is seen as a job that ‘anyone can do’ and that people ‘just fall into’ but I beg to differ. It is challenging, demanding, emotional, draining, time-consuming and requires a solid mix of technical and personable skills to be successful. Recruitment is undersold and expectations are at an all-time low in terms of what we can deliver. We are providing a service to find the perfect people for companies whose hiring managers just do not have the time to become a part-time recruitment consultant on top of their actual role. So that is what I provide, peace of mind, hard work and a real commitment to solving your problems and filling gaps in your tech teams. Trust is needed both ways, and that can only be achieved by being open, honest and entirely transparent from start to finish.

I work with technical hiring managers in a way I believe isn’t being done elsewhere;

  • I spend at least a day with them, gathering all of the information which can’t be or is not included on a job description (keyword searching from a black and white A4 Spec does NOT work. We’re not looking to buy a car, there’s more to it than that). 

  • I sit with the team members already doing great work to fully understand the way in which they achieve their goals. 

  • I sit in on interviews so I am hearing the types of questions being asked of potential hires (this opens up more of what the role will entail even on a personal and cultural level). 

  • I ensure I only send those which I have pre-screened or met fully and know they are genuinely interested in working with the company. I do NOT bombard you with countless irrelevant CVs.

  • We don’t ask for huge upfront fees when hiring someone instead we help you spread the costs by splitting the fee over 12 months and if something goes wrong (as can always happen) and they leave for any reason other than redundancy, the payments stop! A 12-month guarantee on a new hire, while also helping with cash flow and budgeting. We know there are so many money pressures when trying to grow your team.

This is a method we have worked on over the last couple of years, alongside hiring managers/CTOs/business leaders to really know what is expected when it comes to tech recruitment. It has worked thus far and hasn’t changed anything I do day to day. I still get to talk to great people and hopefully help them find their next job!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is… What we’re doing is different.