On Demand Resourcing - 6 months later

On Demand Resourcing - 6 months later

10 May 10:00 by Laurie Jones


It’s been 6 months since we launched our On Demand Resourcing service, designed to assist smaller companies with their digital and technology hires.

We wanted to trial the scheme with a couple of businesses before we launched it into the world. We’re delighted to say, it’s been a resounding success. We chatted with our client SaaScada, a fintech start-up building a global banking platform, who were looking for an alternative resourcing solution and were happy to work with us in partnership:

Andy Davies, Director of Software Engineering, explains why they needed to grow their team rapidly:

Our background is software development. We are Software Engineers that like to build cool and meaningful tools. We previously built a challenger bank for a client and we decided to form SaaScada from that to provide this banking platform globally. This meant we needed to build a tech team almost from scratch to deliver the banking platform.  It was very difficult to find the right people in the market for the roles we needed to fill and we were having to do everything ourselves. This was ultimately slowing down the dev process significantly and putting strain on the business as we were unable to accurately know when we would be able to deliver the platform for our customers.”

From our initial discussions and the first interviews we set up, we soon learnt that SaaScada didn’t just need developers, they needed software engineers who were problem solvers and technology agnostic, who would be able to bring ideas to the table and share knowledge.  They would need to be able to hit the ground running so that the founders had the time to be with the clients and build the business. They also needed to be a great team fit. With a small and growing team, these early hires were key to the success of the business. 

Initially, we spent a lot of time with SaaScada so that we could understand their business, products and needs. We spent one day a week in their office so that we could fully integrate ourselves with the business and we spent this time finetuning the job spec, screening candidates, setting up interviews and meeting applicants. The skills that SaaScada were looking for were hard to find and in high demand. Plus, as a small business, SaaScada were really looking for individuals who fit their team and shared their values. This combination meant the role was a challenging one to fill, but we’ve been hugely successful and have now placed a number of individuals at SaaScada. We continue to work alongside SaaScada and still work from their office as and when they need us, much like an internal resourcing team but without the high cost and ongoing commitment. They’ve also been able to take advantage of our flexible payment terms, paying for permanent hires over 12 monthly installments rather than a large fee up front which is ideal for smaller businesses.

“Recruitment unfortunately does have a stigma associated with it - we were confident that there wouldn’t be an issue when using PCR as we knew that they could be trusted professionally and also that we could depend on them to find the right people. We really like the model as it’s unique in the industry and helps with cash flow, especially for start-ups like ourselves. Plus, it was nice to have a dedicated consultant working with us and keeping the conversation open.” – Andy Davies, Director of Software Engineering

Could our On Demand Resourcing service be what you’re looking for?

  • We fill your hard-to-fill roles – think Software Engineers/Architects, Solution Architects, Data Engineers/Analysts, Programme and Product Directors.
  • We work with small businesses who don’t have the resources to do the hiring themselves and don’t want to pay huge upfront fees.
  • We offer a unique payment package – 12 x monthly installments – that stop immediately if the candidate leaves. 
  • We’ll only send you a few CVs. We guarantee you’ll want to interview the majority of them. We won’t waste your time by sending tons of CVs over. Why? Because we’ll have already taken the time to get to know your business to ensure we get it right straight away.
  • We’re happy to work remotely from our office in Old Street, or spend time working from your office – much like your own internal hiring team.

We also come highly recommended –

“Working with PCR digital on our growth recruitment needs at iRiS was a refreshing experience. The team went above and beyond to develop a deep awareness of our culture, our growth requirements and our industry sector. This extra time spent understanding our team allowed PCR to act more in the capacity of internal HR business partner than external recruitment agency, delivering strong alignment of candidates, a smooth interview/offer/feedback process and a professional, tailored onboarding experience for successful candidates”. Paul Payne, iRiS

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